Success begins with understanding what drives public attitudes
Creating an effective strategy to manage your reputation or to advocate for your business, industry or public-eye organization begins with understanding public opinion and what drives public attitudes. Gallatin’s long-time partnership with GS Strategy Group offers professionals with deep knowledge of the Northwest business and political landscape along with some of the most experienced corporate and political research strategists in the nation.
Together, we offer public opinion research that is actionable and that will keep you ahead of the reputation and public policy curve.

Our research – telephone surveys, in-person focus groups, on-line interviews – provides clients with a sophisticated understanding of the forces that drive public attitudes and decisions – and how specific audiences will react to certain messages and messengers. Most important, we provide public opinion research that you can apply directly to positioning and advocacy communications and advertising to tell your story effectively and efficiently. While most of our research is proprietary to each client, you can review the results of some past research projects below.

Understanding and shaping public opinion to achieve business and policy success – it’s what we do.