It's What We Do

What exactly does Gallatin Public Affairs do? People often ask. Its a great question. So we thought we'd answer, one email at a time.

We help you prepare for the spotlight

Many people dread talking to reporters or to large groups. And many worry that they won’t be able to find the right words when confronted with a crisis.

For nearly 20 years, Gallatin Public Affairs has offered media and communications workshops to help business and community leaders get ready for that important interview or meeting. We’ve also prepared them to respond during an emergency.

Our trainers are experienced communications strategists and former investigative reporters at The Oregonian. Our full-day workshops feature rigorous on-camera interviews during which participants practice real-life scenarios and the toughest reporter questions.

“I learned so much and wish I would have had this years ago,” said Patricia Kelly, Vice President for Information Technology at STCU credit union.

Hundreds of business, education and organization leaders throughout the Northwest have worked with us to hone and deliver their message prior to that important media interview, legislative testimony and major speech.

You can master the art of the interview, too. Give us a call. It’s what we do.

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