Mckinsey Lyon

Partner and Shareholder, Idaho

The Catalyst

Mckinsey Lyon’s talent is bringing people together to advance a common cause – inside and outside the State Capitol. Based in the firm’s Boise office, Mckinsey specializes in building coalitions, managing complex issues in the public eye and working closely with state and local officials. For nearly a decade, she has represented diverse interests before the Idaho legislature and enjoys policy and budget expertise in natural resources, taxation and public safety.

Known for having relationships on both side of the aisle, in 2011 Mckinsey built a broad coalition of education and medical professionals to pass legislation protecting youth athletes from concussions. In addition, Mckinsey contributed to the passage of legislation increasing municipal bonding authority and used her expertise outside the statehouse to successfully pass the necessary ballot measures in a statewide election.

Mckinsey earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Santa Clara University. She lives with her husband Aubrey and two children in Boise. She is an active member of her community through her involvement with the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho and as a board member of the Idaho Legislative Advisors.

“Organizing and managing a successful political campaign taught me that winning requires a fierce discipline, a compelling message and the ability to create and mobilize supporters. I apply those lessons every day to public affairs and government relations challenges on behalf of clients who depend on us to help them succeed.”


Government relations
Coalition building
Natural resources & transportation


7 years’ government relations experience
Campaign Manager, successful 2006 Ada County Commissioner’s race
Idaho Legislative Advisors Board of Directors
Member, Associated Taxpayers of Idaho

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