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As a journalist, public servant and public affairs professional, Bob has been at the center of major policy debates in Seattle, Washington State and the Northwest throughout his career. Bob authors his own blog – The Cascadia Courier – where he combines his passion for Northwest history with his deep knowledge of his city and region.

Prior to joining Gallatin, Bob helped develop public safety software for fire and police departments and was Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Seattle City Light, one of the largest publicly owned utilities in the United States. He helped the utility through the 2000-2001 west coast energy crisis and its aftermath and the Nisqually Earthquake. He helped elect his brother Charles Royer where he served as Mayor of Seattle from 1978 to 1990. Bob served as Deputy Mayor for the first five years of the Mayor’s time in office and was instrumental in the resolution of one of North America’s longest environmental conflicts – High Ross Dam. Bob began his career as a reporter and TV journalist in Oregon and in Seattle covered state politics, including two sessions of the state legislature in Olympia.

Bob earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University and also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nigeria and in the United States Army in Vietnam. He serves on the board of, the online encyclopedia of Washington State and lives in downtown Seattle with his wife Barbara. Bob has three grown children and two grandchildren.

“I am a communicator, an advocate and an insider familiar with the intersection of business, politics and the media. I bring the experience of a newspaper and television reporter, a leader at Seattle City Hall, and have significant understanding of key infrastructure – water, wastewater, electricity and solid waste. I love to work and it shows in my intensity, passion and humor – all coming together to get something good done while enjoying the journey.”


Small local governments
Crisis Communications


Deputy Mayor, City of Seattle
Executive Board Member,
Lobbyist and Reporter in Olympia, WA
Executive Board Member, Energy Northwest

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