Digital Advocacy

The Internet, smartphones and social media have changed how we shop, bank, drive and share ideas. They’ve also changed how public opinion and policy is shaped and made.

For decades, companies and industry associations operated with one approach: define your agenda and send the lobbyists into the capitol to persuade lawmakers. In the last 15 years, business groups built web pages and added rudimentary email newsletters to call on members to contact lawmakers.

Technology has entered a new era, one that’s more sophisticated, complicated and professionalized. The distance between a voter and lawmaker is now the click of a smartphone. It’s time for businesses and trade groups to respond with modern, digital strategies that take advantage of the technology that’s now available.

Gallatin and its partner FP1 Strategies offer full-service digital services so businesses, industry and cause organizations can seize opportunities, beat-back challenges and win. We support public affairs, government relations, communications and business marketing campaigns.

Website Development & Management

We produce cutting-edge websites with dynamic tools and industry-leading security and privacy. Our websites act as online hubs for everything from grassroots campaigns to multi-state public affairs projects.


Clean, modern designs are essential to making sure messages cut through the clutter. That’s why we offer full-service graphic design for the web, mobile, and print.

Online Advertising

Our digital ad campaigns start with a question: What audience do you want to reach? From there, we build campaigns that reach your target audience on the right device and channels.


We’re constantly tracking how each digital effort performs and making improvements to optimize their performance. We deliver regular analytics reports to inform campaign decision making.

Social Media

We produce compelling, original content that works on social media because it’s engaging and shareable. We make sure the messages educate audiences and drive action.

Email Marketing

Email remains the single best tool to turn supporters into advocates or raise money for a candidate or cause. Our email campaigns target key audiences with regular updates and alerts.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team of certified specialists stay ahead of this ever-changing field to make sure your website ranks high with search engines on the keywords that matter most.

Case Studies